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About CSI malabar diocese

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,to those who are the called according to His purpose" [Rom8:26]

Diocese of Malabar

Malabar Diocese is comprising the area within Kerala State in the north,spread in five revenue districts such as Palakkad,Malappuram,Kozhikode,Wayanad and Kannur consisting of 85 churches including the out stations. There are 46 Presbyters and 36 Upadesis and Church Workers engaged in the ecclesiastical services within the Diocese.

We are doing the Ministry by serving the society through following Diocesan institutions. 51 schools,2 colleges, 1 Technical School, 1 Hospital,Homes for financially backward children,Working Women's hostel, etc.We thank God that our educational institutions are always in the forefront maintaining standard of education par excellence with other schools. Our Mission Hospital in Codacal ;specially the newly commissioned physical rehabilitation centre is doing an effective healing ministry. Our Pre-Marital counseling program is functioning very systematically in our Retreat Centre in Kozhikode.

Bifurcation of North Kerala Diocese into Dioceses of Malabar and Cochin officially came into effect on 9th April 2015 during the Special Synod meeting held in Chennai.The Official declaration of the formation of the Diocese of Malabar was made by the Moderator of the Church of South India the Most Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam in a grand Thanks giving service held at CSI Cathedral,Kozhikode on the 11th of October 2015.Subsequently,the Diocese of Malabar started functioning in the Head Office in theCSI Diocesan Office, Bank Road, Kozhikode,under the Chairmanship of the Moderator's Commissary Rt.Rev.B.N.Fenn and Administrative Committee appointed by the Synod. The following members served in the Administrative Committee:

  1. Rev. P.S. Ebenezer (Clergy Secretary)
  2. Mr. George K. Thomas (Lay Secretary)
  3. Mr. Jayapal Samuel Zachai (Treasurer)
  4. Rev. Leslie VinodPadiyangaden
  5. Rev. Vinod Allen
  6. Rev. Saju Benjamin
  7. Rev. Sherry George
  8. Mr. Johnson Anto
  9. Mr. Joseph S. Daniel
  10. Mr. M.N. George
  11. Mr. Nibu T. Kurien
  12. Dr. SheelaNoone

The Administrative Committee functioned until the election and formation of the Executive Committee and Office Bearers for Malabar Diocese in the Diocesan Council meeting held on 24th September 2015.

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The first meeting of the Diocesan Council was held at the CSI Cathedral, Kozhikode on 14th July 2015. The Council adopted new constitution for the functioning of the Diocese. The Moderator's Commissary the Rt. Rev. B. N. Fenn chaired the meeting.

The second meeting of the Diocesan Council was held at the CSI St. Mary's English Church, Kozhikode on 24th September 2015. The Moderator the Most Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadampresided over the meeting. The Moderator's Commissary was also present in the meeting. The Council elected new officers and Executive Committee and representatives to the Synod. The following were elected as the Officers of the Diocese:-

  • Clergy Secretary – Rev. Jacob Daniel
  • Lay Secretary - Mr. Desmond Babu
  • Treasurer - Mr. M.N. George

We thank God for giving us the following group of dynamic team leaders to head our ministry.

  • Pastoral & Ministerial - Rev.Jacob Daniel,Clergy Secretary
  • Property Department - Mr.Reginold Walter, Secretary
  • Mission & Evangelism - Mr. George K.Thomas, Convener
  • Social Board - Rev.P.T.George, Convener
  • Ecology - Re.JoyMasilamani, Director
  • Education Board - Rev.Saju Benjamin (Aided Schools), Corporate Manager
    Mr.ReinerKuniyath (Un-aided Schools), Manager
  • Christian Education - Rev. T.J.Joseph, General Secretary
  • College Managers - Rev.Jacob Daniel (Christian Muller College)
    Mr.Jayapal Samuel Zachai (Malabar Christian College)
  • Women's Board - Mrs.Bindu Royce, President, Women's Fellowship
  • Medical Board - Rev.Dr.T.I.James, Director
  • Communications&Sabhamitharm - Rev.Sunil Puthiyattil, Director and Chief Editor
  • Youth Board - Rev.Bernet M.P., General Secretary
Bicentenary celebration of Basel Mission at Calicut

The people of Malabar Diocese had a very memorable event of the Grand finale of the bicentenary celebration of Basel Mission at Calicut on October 11th 2015.The spectacular historic rally through the streets of Calicut city will never fade away from the minds the young and old. Our Moderator Most Rev.Dr.G.Dyvasirvadam, Officers of the Synod, Bishops, Leaders of the secular society and hundreds of Church members tookpart in the jubilant occasion.

Another mile stone in the history of Malabar Diocese is the election of the panel to select the first Shepherd to our Diocese on February 16th 2016. By the Grace of God almighty Rt.Rev.Dr.Royce Manoj Victorwas consecrated as the first bishop of the Diocese of Malabar on 17th May 2016 in a service held at the CSI Cathedral, Kozhikode.

The First Executive committee met on 20th May 2016 under the chairmanship of the new Bishop of the Diocese.In this meeting the Bishop stressed upon to give more emphasis on furtherextending missionary works which is our prime responsibility. Hence, the Diocese is now focusing on self financing projects by each parish thus to complement the income of the Diocese.Our dream is to acquire our own mission field in the near future.The 19 sub-committees under the executive committee are functioning verywell.Our Diocesan magazine "CSI Malabar Sabhamithram"is playing a vital role in efficient communication media. Very soon we will have own website and with various links which will be useful to all our members.

The Diocese has taken keen interest in enriching Sunday school,Youth fellowship and women's fellowship through introducing various projects and educative sessions.Our ecological concern department is vigorously making awareness drive concentrating in all our parishes and in the neighborhood.We are targeting for declaring all our 43 parishes as "Green Parishes" by the year 2018.

Most of our Basel Mission built Churches iscelebrating 150thto 175th yearanniversaries. We are in the move to renovate /re build these churches in the coming years and so also the parsonages.

At present we are in the process of building our own Bishop's House in our office premises.

It is really amazing to see how God is leading ahead the new Diocese of Malabar, in the midst of various crises and confusions.

"And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" [Philippians 4:16:19].

churches in calicut


churches in calicut

Our Logo

churches in calicut
Logo Designed by DENZIL JOHN Theme of the Logo
The School & Chimney:

The school and the chimney remind us of the educational institutions and the industries established by the missionaries. They also point out to us the necessity of the Church to be always vibrant in the society.

The Bible:

The Bible is the foundation of the Diocese and that of its members. So the Bible reminds us the need to read, study and mediate on it daily so as to nurture our Christian lives.

The Sail-Borne Ship :

The ship reminds us of the Missionaries who came to Malabar Coast to evangelize. It also symbolizes our journey through life based on faith, towards the fulfillness of the Kingdom of the God.

The Coconut Tree :

The coconut tree stands as a symbol of the commitment of the Diocese to the environmental concerns. The green colour of the coconut tree represents growth.

The Stole:

The sail of the ship in the shape of a stole symbolizes the legacy of the locally accepted historical episcopacy of the Church of south India.

The Cross:

The cross is the symbol of love, sacrifice, and victory. It is also a sign of the missionary work of the church. The Cross reflects the breadth, length, height and depth of God's love (Eph.3:18). We should also be filled with the divine love of the Cross.

The Mountain & The Sea:

The mountain and the sea shown in the emblem depicts the landscapes and the topography of the Malabar Diocese specially mountains of Wayanad and of the coastal area of Malabar region. It also embodies the all-inclusive love of God.

The Candle:

Each member of the Malabar Diocese is encouraged to be like a candle burning brightly for Jesus Christ. A candle while burning provides light to others even while it melts away. Likewise we are sacrifice ourselves for building the kingdom of heaven. Members of the Diocese are to be service minded and willing to make sacrifices.


History of CSI Cathedral Calicut

The Church of South India (CSI) Cathedral is a landmark of Kozhikode City and a symbol of the Christian presence and services contributedby the German missionaries of the Basel Mission in India.

The Congregation of Calicut was established on May 15th 1842, the Pentecost Sundaywith a holy communion service by a German Mission Rev. John Michel Fritz

Located on the eastern side of the Mananchira Square, it is the biggest Basel Mission church in the Malabar region, built eight years after the missionaries came to India. The architecture is a combination of European and Kerala styles. On top of the arched entrance porch, there is a three-tiered turret. The church has a main hall and a cluster of rooms to the back and the sides. The timber roof of the church is an imposing structure. The extensive use of wood in this structure indicates the abundance of availability of hard- wood. The entire building was roofed with tiles and flooring done with clay flooring tiles, both were the products of Commonwealth Tile factory founded by BEM.

The dedication of the Church was held on December 20th 1856. The number of congregation was increased up to 2880 in 1914. The then Basel Mission leaders met at the church in 1916 July 3rd and resolved to join with the ecumenical movement and in April 1st 1919 the Church joined in South Indian United Church. And later in September 27th 1947, when SIUC joined with other partner Churches and formed the Church of South India (CSI), this Church became a part of the CSI North Kerala Diocese and elevated as the Cathedral of the Diocese. When the North Kerala Diocese is bifurcated and formed the new Diocese of Malabar, the CSI Cathedral became the Cathedral of the Diocese of Malabar.

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The Installation of the First Bishop Rt. Rev. T. G Stuart Smith of North Kerala was held at the Cathedral on October 12, 1947. The Second Bishop Rt. Rev. Richard Lipp was Consecrated and Insatalled at the Cathedral in 1960. The third Bishop (first Indian Bishop) Rt. Rev. T. B. Benjamin was consecrated at the Cathedral in 1960, followed by the consecration service of the Rt. Rev. Dr. K. C. Seth was held in 1977. The fifth Bishop the Rt. Rev. P.G. Kuruvilla was consecrated in 1990. Followed by Bishop Rt. Rev. George Isaac was consecrated in 2000. Then the Rt. Rev. Dr. K. P. Kuruvila became Bishop in 2006. Eight and last bishop of North Kerala the Rt. Rev. B. N. Fenn was consecrated at the CSI Cathdral in 2013. After Bifurcation the first Bishop in the Diocese of Malabar was consecrated on May 17, 2016, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce ManojVicator.

The CSI Cathedral stands as a landmark of 175 years worship and fellowship in this historical city of Calicut.

The Cathedral is the largest church in the Malabar region with membership over 8000 though the, active congregation is approximately 2000. We follow both CSI and the Basel Mission liturgies for worship. The seating capacity of the main hall is680.

The church acquired a pipe organ which was a gift from the St. Ayden's Church in Cheltenham, England. The church choir is one of the most important institutions functioning within the parish .The choirs down the years have been a blend of elders and junior choir is the stepping stone to the regular choir. TheCathedral has reputation for choral singing. We have 30 member choirs. The crowning glory of the cathedrais the carols of Christmas.The carol service is the acme of choral singing.

Along with Chairman there are two full time ministers, one retired associate Presbyters and two sextons are in service. A twelve member pastorate committee is actively managing the administration of the Cathedral, widow's accommodation, and community hall.

Cathedral has one outstation at Bilathikulam, A prayer Centre at Peruvayal and a Mission Centre at Kattangal.

At present Rev. Dr. T. I James the Chairman (9447576406), Rev. Bennet and Rev. Jijo Albert are serving as the Assistant and the service or Rev Dr. Vincent Moses is available for the Pastoral care ministry of the Diocese.

churches in calicut